About Tile

What is a tile?
Ceramic tiles are flat, thin items made of clay, silica, fluxes, colouring and other raw materials. They are generally used to pave floors and cover walls and fa├žades.

The clay used to make the slab may be for red firing or white firing. Both the floor tiles and the wall tiles are impermeable ceramic tiles that are normally made using a clay slab and vitreous coating: ceramic glaze.

Tiles, anywhere/any place

The wide range of ceramic products currently available on the market is conditioned by the different uses of this construction material. Depending on their use, there are different types of products with different characteristics. They are currently used for floors and facing.

Floor Tiles:

  • Interior house floors.
  • Exterior paving (terraces). 
  • Floors of public buildings (hospitals, schools, etc.)
  • Different floors (swimming pools, factory floors...)


  • Interior facing of houses (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.). 
  • Exterior facing (terraces)
  • Different facing


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